Saturday, September 25, 2021

Liberals Take AIM At Melania Trump

This is going too far!

A sculpture of Melanie Trump near her hometown of Sevnica, Slovenia was recently set ablaze.  The perpetrators have yet been caught, however Brad Downey, the man who commissioned the sculpture, filed a police report and also added that he wanted to interview the people who set the sculpture on fire.

A Washington Post report described the sculpture stating, “Rising nine feet from the trunk, the statue is blocky, waving with a hand more akin to a paw. Its eyes are bulging ovals beneath a near unibrow, its nose a pudgy blob. Save for its powder-blue Inauguration Day garb, it looks little like the first lady.”

The Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana’s Match Gallery also wrote statements when Downey’s exhibit was announced. They wrote:

Brad Downey, the author of these works, delved into research of USA’s mysterious first lady as an American citizen. He was interested in her origin and the villages around Sevnica, where she grew up. The documentary Melania is a portrait of the craftsman and woodworker Max who was commissioned by Brad Downey in autumn 2018 to produce a wooden statue of the first lady to the best of his abilities.

Throughout the actual process of producing the statue, he reflects on the destiny of a local peer, who is now living the ultimate American dream. The statue, made in a naïvefolk manner, is publicized as the first public statue of Melania, and as such triggered a strong backlash of sensationalism in media with next to no background research, and criticism of the homemade, crafty nature of statue.

Though it is unknown who set the sculpture on fire, it would not be surprising if an angry liberal did the act in order to show Trump their feelings. 

Going after President Trump is one thing, but going after the First Lady will not be tolerated. Read the whole story here.

Image Credit: Yahoo

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