Saturday, September 25, 2021

Former Director Of National Intelligence SLANDERS Trump

What he just said makes no sense…

Recently, former National Intelligence Director James Clapper went onto CNN and decided that since he was on the liberal news channel, he would try his hand at attacking Trump. He compared Trump wanting to have like-minded people on his team with North Korea and the dictator Kim.

The CNN host asked, “For folks watching at home, does that make the country less safe in these roles?”

Clapper responded with:

I think it certainly does. Obviously I’m biased about this because I believe that in many of these positions, such as the DNI, that people should have experience and expertise. In fact, that’s what the law stipulates. To some extent, this almost reminds me of North Korea where everybody has to wear a Kim family button to publicly display their loyalty and fealty to the great leader. Where — as you say in our case — loyalty and fealty to the administration and to the president personally takes higher precedence over competence, experience or expertise. And that’s not good, in my view — for the safety and security of the country — particularly when it’s applied to the intelligence community.

How does that make any sense? Trump believes in having people who believe in his cause and are willing to do their best to help him reach his goals. Kim believes in ruling his people with fear and have them think of him as a god. Clapper believes these certain people have the experience and expertise while Trump thinks these other people have the experience and expertise. However, since the people Clapper thinks are not the same as Trump, he is attacking the president.

Watch a clip of the interaction here.

Image Credit: FOX News Radio

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