Saturday, September 25, 2021

Democrats TRASH Biden For Not Doing THIS

He’s even getting attacked by his own party.

Ilhan Omar along with other progressives have started attacking Joe Biden after aides on Biden’s team came out and stated that Biden has no plans to “roll back President Donald Trump’s immigration policies wholesale.”

Biden advisor Susan Rice stated, “We will be able to take some steps to change policies right away. Others will take time to put in place, and the situation at the border will not transform overnight due in large part to the damage done over the last four years. But we are committed to addressing it in full.”

Migrants and asylum seekers absolutely should not believe those in the region peddling the idea that the border will suddenly be fully open to process everyone on Day 1. It will not.”

Omar responded to the statement by posting, “This is a classic bait and switch. It perpetuates Trump’s dehumanization of migrants and breaks a core campaign promise. Democrats lose big when administrations won’t fulfill their promise. I urge the Biden transition team to reconsider this position.”

Read the whole article here.

Image Credit: Roll Call

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