Saturday, September 25, 2021

Democrats Receive TERRIBLE News About 2020 Election

They brought this on themselves.

Republican Representative Tom Emmer recently went onto Fox News and stated that the GOP will most likely be taking over the House because of how left the Democratic Party is shifting.

Emmer said, “This is not my grandfather’s Democrat Party. This party has slipped over the edge. You know, they ran 2018 basically on a fraud. They ran as moderates. They were going to be problem-solving, focused problem solvers in the House that were going to work with their colleagues on the other side of the aisle, they were going to work with the administration. They have been anything but that. In fact, they have been so out of touch with America that they are going to lose in November.”

He also added, “Nancy should be nervous because this is going to be the end of her short-lived majority. Who would have ever guessed that the defund the police movement, which was a radical left movement, would become essentially a purity test overnight in the Democrat Party? This is the problem: they are moving so extreme to the left, they do not reflect mainstream American values, and this is why in November, they are going to lose their majority.”

He’s right, the Democratic Party is falling lower and lower. They want a senile man who they know is slowly deteriorating mentally as their president.

Watch a clip here.

Image Credit: Star Tribune

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